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calcium lime different diameters and absorption performanceShare

At present Nafern mainly produces three diameters:3.8mm, 3mm, 2.5mm

Particle size 2.5-5mm (4-8mesh)

Nafern 2.5mm D-type granules were developed in August 2019 ,is the first factory in China that can supply this product

We can also offer 2mm(8-12mesh) ball shape soda ime for military use

Different diameters Soda lime absorption Performance

3.8mm  400g could absorbering  Co2 for 2.5hours

3.0mm  400g could absorbering  Co2 for 3 hours

3.8mm  400g could absorbering  Co2 for 4 hours

this is in the case of Pure Carbon dioxide in the laboratory

if in clinical application 2.5mm 400g canister could use for at least 7 hours



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