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Company profile

Company profile

Nafern is a brand belong to Shanghai Jaqi Medical Co.,Ltd, mainly offer Medical soda lime, Alumina /Chromatographicalumina,Color changing silica gel chemicals and so on ,cooperated with reliable factory located in shanghai of China,more than 20 years developments,our factory keep quality top 3 in China all the time,Nafern is the first company published 2.5mm diameter Granules and ball shape soda lime.Quality is comparable to international brands but with high cost-effective solution. Nafern got CE and ISO quality certification,Mainly offer p...


Our service advantage

Our factory have existed in shanghai more than 20years,and we have got ISO certificate since in 2000,so far,we are the top 1 supplier of medical soda lime in China.The existing staff of professional medical consultants have good qualifications, and have international business experience more than 10 years,always keep online to answer customer's questions for quick reply.



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